A Newsletter of the Society of Christian Scholars

Addenda 3.9 (September 2020)

2020 Society Grants: Congratulations to Our Awardees! The Grant Evaluation Committee has announced the winners of the 2020 Annual Global Scholars Grant. I invite you

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Addenda 3.8 (August 2020)

In Honour of Ravi Zacharias Image courtesy It is one thing to receive the life of Christ, and another thing entirely to submit your life

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Addenda 3.7 (July 2020)

Many Society Memberships Expired on July 1 Don’t Lose Society Services If you haven’t done so already, Re-join Today! The Age of Uncertainty by Prof.

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Addenda 3.6 (June 2020)

Don’t Lose Society Services! Society Membership Expires July 1––in less than two weeks. Renew Today! The Grace to Breathe again… by Prof. Osam Edim Temple 

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Addenda 3.3 (March 2020)

The Cost of Christian Scholarship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Prof. Osam Edim Temple  Bonhoeffer was a brilliant scholar and a man of deep spirituality. His career was

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Addenda 2.11 (November 2019)

Society News In July, Ahmed Dooguy Kora, Associate Professor of Telecommunications at École Supérieure Multinationale de Télécommunicationsm at Université de Limoges in Senegal, was promoted

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