The Importance of a Scholar (Addenda 5.5 May 2022)

Is There a Scholar behind Putin?

By Osam Temple

On February 24, 2022, as Russian tanks and troops rolled into Ukraine from the north, east and south, the fragile strands that held together the world system received a massive jolt. Underlying that action was a little-known but extensive intellectual discourse, the major proponent of which is a professor named Aleksandr Dugin. This is an example of how scholars influence thought patterns and change the course of history.

Who is Dugin? He is a political philosopher and strategist, often referred to as Putin’s brain. Criticizing America’s hegemony since the fall of the Soviet Union, Dugin advocates a multipolar world with many power centres. He envisions Russia leading a new Eurasian continent, from Dublin to Vladivostok, equipped to challenge America and its satanic world view. His book, The Foundations of Geopolitics, is very influential. It is part of the syllabus of the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian military. Vadimir Putin is a faithful disciple of Dugin and continues to drink from his fountain of knowledge.

In February 2012, the Kremlin invited Dugin to speak at its Anti-Orange Rally in Moscow. He opened his address as follows:

“Dear Russian people! The global American empire strives to bring all countries of the world together under its control. They intervene where they want, asking no one’s permission. They come in through the fifth column, which they think will allow them to take over natural resources and rule over countries, people, and continents. They have invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran are on the agenda. But their goal is Russia. We are the last obstacle on their way to building a global evil empire.”

What we see unfolding in Ukraine is in a sense the result of a narrative originally crafted not by Putin but by a university professor. Today, at least 10,000 Russian mothers have lost their sons, at least 3,000 Ukrainians have died, and at least 5 million people have become refugees. Hardly any of them ever heard of Aleksandr Dugin.

As the bombs continue to rain on Ukraine, as Russian youths are mindlessly sent to their deaths, as millions of refugees continue to stream across borders, let us pray for peace and let us also reflect on our roles as Christian scholars in our various countries. We must be careful not to hand over the social and cultural narratives to politicians and ideologues. Of course, many of us may agree that a multipolar world is geopolitically desirable, but we must draw the line between responsible scholarship and the promotion of divisiveness and war-mongering negative sentiments. Let us watch, pray and shine the light of Christ in our disciplines and countries.

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Even before the current crises, technology was threatening to create a “useless class” out of older workers and the uneducated young. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the “great resignation” and other global disruptions, we believe job creation will become the major socio-economic challenge of our time.

The Journal of Ethics in Entrepreneurship and Technology is inviting Society members to participate in the academic paper competition “Creating Jobs for the NOT so ‘Useless’ Generation,” which will take place in fall 2022. The top three academic papers will be awarded  $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000, respectively. We invite global scholars and practitioners to apply their knowledge and expertise in solving this major crisis.

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Upcoming Webinars

Such a Mind as This

by Richard Smith

Our intellectual context is very complicated. There are competing pedagogues, divergent epistemological agendas, and flawed participants. The mind is a war zone. Many do not recognize how sin impacts thinking or how to love God with the mind.

On Thursday, 19 May 2022 at 1400 UTC, Dr. Richard Smith, who served in Prague, Czech Republic with Global Scholars, co-founded the Komensky Institute, and now serves in Buenos Aires, Argentina as Senior Advisor for Global Scholars, will discuss the life of the mind based on the Old Testament. He promotes a spirituality that puts thinking in its proper place through mental piety, wisdom, and intellectual development.

In preparation for the webinar, be sure to read the ‘Introduction’ to Such a Mind as This (Wipf & Stock, 2022). Join this exciting webinar by registering below.

Immediately following the webinar, you will have the opportunity to connect and catch up with colleagues from around the world. So plan to stay on the call for another 20 minutes or so if possible.

How the Laws of Physics Leave Room for God’s Action

by Barbara Drossel

Do the laws of physics constrain God’s action in the world? Do they inhibit or interfere with God’s normal, non-miraculous action? While the laws of physics enable everything in the physical world, do they determine everything?

On Thursday, 16 June 2022 at 1400 UTC, Prof Barbara Drossel, professor of Theoretical Physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany and a fellow of the Faraday Institute at Cambridge University, will argue that the laws of physics do not interfere with God’s normal, non-miraculous action in the world, such as answering prayers and guiding persons and circumstances. This is because the laws of physics are neither complete, nor exact, nor fully deterministic.

On the contrary, the laws of physics are idealizations with a limited range of applicability, and the systems described by them are causally open for top-down influences from higher hierarchical levels within physics (for instance from the classical to the quantum world) and from without physics (for instance from the biological or psychological level) and even from non-material entities (for instance ideas, goals, rules, and values). Due to this broad causal openness, the view that the laws of physics forbid God’s action has no basis. Even though these laws enable everything in physical reality, they do not determine everything.

In preparation for this webinar, we encourage you to read Prof Drossel’s essay “How the Laws of Nature Leave Room for God’s Action.” We hope you will join us for this intriguing and insightful webinar by registering below.

Immediately following the webinar, you will have the opportunity to connect and catch up with colleagues from around the world. So plan to stay on the call for another 20+ minutes if you would like.

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