Addenda 3.5 (May 2020)

A ‘Covid-19 Letter’ from Paul  by Prof. Osam Edim Temple  What might the apostle Paul say in a letter to a world ravaged by Covid-19? Read and be encouraged: Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God, to all who are sanctified in Christ … Read more

Addenda 3.4 (April 2020)

What time is it? by Prof. Osam Edim Temple  By the time you read this, some of our colleagues may have been infected with the coronavirus, and some will have been quarantined or chosen to live in self-isolation. The world is facing the grim reality that, in spite of technological advances, something new can just … Read more

Addenda 3.3 (March 2020)

The Cost of Christian Scholarship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Prof. Osam Edim Temple  Bonhoeffer was a brilliant scholar and a man of deep spirituality. His career was promising until 30 January 1933, when the Nazis rose to power. The nationalism they brandished carried the hallmarks of idolatry. Bonhoeffer therefore delivered an address warning Germany of the danger … Read more

Addenda 3.2 (February 2020)

Not Yet a Member of the Society of Christian Scholars? Join Today at 50% The Gift of Sight A Devotion In this New Year, I would like Society members to pray for the gift of “sight.” You can call it the gift of insight or, if you like, discernment. I am referring to that special … Read more

Addenda 3.1 (January 2020)

Addenda goes Public! Your colleagues, who are not yet Society members, can now benefit each month from Addenda. Simply forward this email to them and they can subscribe here. Society Member Omar Montero (Argentina) This month we invited Omar Montero (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Buenos Aires) from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Buenos … Read more

Addenda 2.12 (December 2019)

Society News Introducing Dr. Luka Dinshak (University of Jos, Nigeria) Dr. Dinshak (Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Conflict Management and Peace Studies at the University of Jos, Nigeria) has been selected to chair the Society’s Grant Evaluation Committee (GEC), which will determine the recipients of the annual Global Scholars Grant. Click here to meet … Read more

Addenda 2.11 (November 2019)

Society News In July, Ahmed Dooguy Kora, Associate Professor of Telecommunications at École Supérieure Multinationale de Télécommunicationsm at Université de Limoges in Senegal, was promoted to Full Professor by the Francophone African High Studies régional council of Africa and Malgache. To God be the glory! Click here to learn more about Prof. Kora and other … Read more

Addenda 2.10 (October 2019)

We need your input! Do you have time to answer two brief questions to help make our Society even better? Thank you in advance! From the Executive Chair Professor Osam Edim Temple A voyage of discovery on Flight SCS Member Site! The Society of Christian Scholars is just 7 months old and we are already counting … Read more

Addenda 2.9 (September 2019)

We are Listening! A few months ago the Society asked for your anonymous feedback. Your advice was helpful. Thank you! One Society member thought that the Member Directory could be more intuitively located. Another member asked, “Can you offer us incentives to find new Society members?” Explore here the Society’s responses to these and other … Read more

Addenda Volume 2.8 (August 2019)

Still not a Society Member? This Could Be Your Final Addenda The first volume of Addenda was published in September 2018, five months before the establishment of the Society. The initial recipients had all expressed interest in joining the Society once it launched. We have continued sending Addenda to all Society pre-registrants who have not … Read more