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Addenda 7.6 June 2024

Scholarships Available for Colleagues Do some of your colleagues struggle to afford Society membership? Remember, when inviting your friends to join our Society, to encourage

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Addenda 7.5 May 2024

Christian Scholarship: A Calling (Part 2) By Dr. Luka Dinshak The qualification of the Christian scholar In this article, we will consider one qualification for

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Addenda 7.4 April 2024

Christian Scholarship: A Calling (Part 1) By Dr. Luka Dinshak Knowing and Responding to the Call of God In almost all of Paul’s epistles, he

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Addenda 7.3 March 2024

Christian Scholars and Vocational Excellence Christian scholars should be consistently pursuing professional development and vocational excellence. This is because they are called to go beyond

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Addenda 7.2 February 2024

The Cost of Christian Scholarship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer When the list of the heroes of the twentieth-century church is compiled, Dietrich Bonhoeffer will surely stand out.

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Addenda 7.1 January 2024

The Addenda Needs your Help!   Happy New Year! The Addenda is our most important publication, providing Society members with updates on what is happening

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