Addenda 2.12 (December 2019)

Society News Introducing Dr. Luka Dinshak (University of Jos, Nigeria) Dr. Dinshak (Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Conflict Management and Peace Studies at the University of Jos, Nigeria) has been selected to chair the Society’s Grant Evaluation Committee (GEC), which will determine the recipients of the annual Global Scholars Grant. Click here to meet … Read more Addenda 2.12 (December 2019)

Addenda 2.11 (November 2019)

Society News In July, Ahmed Dooguy Kora, Associate Professor of Telecommunications at École Supérieure Multinationale de Télécommunicationsm at Université de Limoges in Senegal, was promoted to Full Professor by the Francophone African High Studies régional council of Africa and Malgache. To God be the glory! Click here to learn more about Prof. Kora and other … Read more Addenda 2.11 (November 2019)