Local Movements and Conferences (Addenda 6.7 July 2023)

Will You Start a Local Society Movement?


Local movements of our Society are emerging organically around the world—in Nigeria, The Gambia, China, Argentina, and the Caribbean, to name just a few locations. Some of these movements are large (numbering into the hundreds of participants) while others are relatively small. They are conducting conferences, hosting reading groups, publishing, mentoring, having retreats, and growing leadership teams. 

Prayerfully consider starting your own local movement of the Society of Christian Scholars. No permission is needed; we simply ask that your local movement complies with the Society’s purpose and statement of faith. We also ask that if your region is served by a Regional Representative that you contact them for guidance. If there is no representative in your region, feel free to contact any of our representatives or a Society administrator. If you are even just contemplating the idea, we would love to hear about it and see how we might help.    

Job Opportunitiy: Announcement from a New Engineering Institute

A new engineering institute in Central Asia will begin a master’s degree program in robotics in fall 2024. We are seeking believing, qualified engineering faculty to join an innovative program aimed at Kingdom purposes and the development of the local, engineering infrastructure. Our initial announcement has attracted bright, talented students who are eager to learn. Instruction will be in English. We already have official government approval and excellent facilities. We are looking for additional faculty members to join our team. Interested parties may contact HR@caedmi.com.

Upcoming Conferences

2nd All-Africa Conference of Christian Scholars

Dates: 9-13 August, 2023

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

A spiritual and an academic journey

The Society of Christian Scholars, Africa invites you to the 2nd All-Africa Conference of Christian Scholars


The Society of Christian Scholars, Africa is inviting all Christian Scholars in Africa and the family of Christian academics worldwide to the 2nd All-Africa Conference of Christian Scholars.

Theme: Faith and Scholarship in the 21st Century

Hosts: Society of Christian Scholars, Africa / Impact Universities International Conference

Conference Duration: 9-13 August 2023
Date of Program 500 Training: 14-20 August 2023

Program 500 is an initiative to identify and train 500 Christian Academics within a period of 5 years. The program will create a community of scholars prepared spiritually and intellectually to define, articulate, and defend the Christian worldview in the African context.

Location: Kenyatta University Conference Center, Nairobi, Kenya


Keynote Speakers

  1. Bishop Calisto Odede
    Presiding Bishop CITAM, Kenya

  2.  Prof. Danny McCain
    University of Jos, Nigeria

Sub-themes and plenary leaders

  1. The Philosophical Foundations of Christian Scholarship – Prof. Osam Edim Temple

  2. Faith, Scholarship and Africa’s Development – Ambassador Denise A. O. Kodhe

  3. The Challenge of Christian Scholarship in a Secular Society – Prof. Ahmed Kora

  4. Integration of Faith and Scholarship – Prof. Faith Nguru

  5. Christian Scholarship as a Calling – Prof. Jayne Mutiga

  6. Professional Development of the Christian Scholar – Dr. Luka Dinshak

  7. Christian Scholarship in the Global Marketplace – Mr. Andrew P. Mendy


Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

Dates: 25-27 October 2023

Location: Waco, Texas, United States

Ours is an age of discord. Social alienation and political tribalism prevail; racial tensions divide. The tone of social discourse is harsh, often mean-spirited. Ideals such as reasoned compromise, political civility, genuine community, and pursuit of the common good seem unattainable, too often replaced by a suffocating cynicism that can manifest itself in violence.


Yet people of faith are called together to be instruments of truth, justice, mercy, and reconciliation grounded in charity. How might people of faith remember and realize more fully this sacred calling? What might it mean for people of faith to shape the future—communities, institutions, and the church—in ways that promote hope, not despair, and flourishing, not discord?


The 2023 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture invites contributions from across the disciplines. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Biblical and theological perspectives on communal calling (vocation)

  • Leadership in an age of discord

  • Faithfully navigating the divides (social, racial, generational, and political)

  • Post-pandemic challenges and opportunities in an age of discord

  • The common mission of the church and church-related higher education

  • Opportunities and challenges of technology for social cohesion

  • How education might shape a culture of the common good

Confirmed speakers to date include the following:

  • Patricia Lynn Brown

  • Michael O. Emerson

  • James Davison Hunter

  • Matthew D. Kim

  • John Lippitt

  • G. S. “Mack” McCarter III

  • Michaela O’Donnell

  • Angel Adams Parham

  • Anne Snyder

  • Paul Wadell

For the current list of confirmed speakers, see this page.

Proposals for individual papers and panel discussions are welcome. Abstracts of no more than 500 words may be submitted by July 25. Call 254-710-4805 or email ifl@baylor.edu for more information.



Society Updates

Vote for the Next Society Executive Committee

Six members will rotate off of the Society’s Executive Committee later this year. Over the last several months, Society members nominated 15 candidates from 7 world-regions for their replacement. Now it is time to vote on these candidates. Voting ends on 15 August 2023.

Please note that only Full Members of the Society will be able to vote.

Dr. Bruce Barron, Senior Editor of the Society’s Department of Editorial Services, will be unavailable 7–31 July and, accordingly, will not be responding to editorial requests during that period. Any submissions received during those 25 days will be held for August. If you anticipate a need for Editorial Services before August, please plan ahead to ensure that your job can be completed by 6 July.

Upcoming Webinar

Nurturing Redemptive Influence through Resources: The Society Library as a Learning Resource Centre by Marlene Hines – Thursday, 20 July 2023 at 1400 UTC

Is the Society Library serving your efforts to have redemptive influence among your students, colleagues, discipline, and university? Are you having conversations through resources about what it means to be a Christian academic in a pluralistic university? Do you know the difference between a special library and an academic library? How might the Society’s special library serve your efforts to integrate your Christian faith and academic pursuits?

On Thursday, 20 July 2023 at 1400 UTC, Dr Marlene Hines and the Library Curator Team will host a panel discussion to explore these questions and the different aspects and activities of the Society Library.

NB: Immediately following the webinar, you will have the opportunity to connect and catch up with colleagues from around the world. So plan to stay on the call for another 30 minutes or so if possible.

EBSCO Advanced Database Training: Part 2 – Thursday, 17 August 2023 at 1400 UTC


Would you like to enhance your research and teaching with the latest research? Are you needing access to research and scholarship but unsure of how to find resources efficiently?


On Thursday, 17 August 2023 at 1400 UTC, an EBSCO training professional with the requisite knowledge and expertise will conduct part 2 of advanced EBSCO database training to help users make the best use of the Society’s EBSCOhost databases, the most used reference resource around the world. These databases offer more than 300 full-text resources via the EBSCOhost interface.


The training will last about one hour and will allow time for questions. The session is intended for those who would like to learn more about the advanced features on the EBSCOhost interface. It will cover the different search modes, how to refine results using limiters and filters, and other tools such as printing, emailing, saving, and citing results.

NoteBe sure to check the Webinars Page for third-party webinars that are often added with short notice and for updated presenters and topics that may be helpful in equipping you to bring the gospel to bear in your university context.

Society administration strives to serve you with excellence. How can we help you?