Addenda 2.11 (November 2019)

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In July, Ahmed Dooguy Kora, Associate Professor of Telecommunications at École Supérieure Multinationale de Télécommunicationsm at Université de Limoges in Senegal, was promoted to Full Professor by the Francophone African High Studies régional council of Africa and Malgache. To God be the glory! Click here to learn more about Prof. Kora and other Society leaders.   

Society Advances in Argentina

A group of scholars and thinkers, under the leadership of Omar Montero (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires and Society of Christian Scholars Latin American Regional Representative) and Dr. Richard Smith (Global Scholars Senior Advisor), met in October in Buenos Aires to discuss how the Society might better serve Argentina and Latin America. Specifically, they discussed how a Christian Studies Center (modelled on the Consortium of Christian Studies) could equip them to have a redemptive influence for Christ on their students, colleagues, disciplines and institutions.   

Partner Highlights

Global Scholars Canada

Global Scholars Canada (originally named Christian Scholars International) began in 1995 as a smaller partner to Global Scholars USA. Global Scholars Canada identifies new Christian scholars (called “fellows”) and helps them with fundraising,

while Global Scholars USA helps to send them out and equip them for service.

In the last 24 years, our fellows have done outstanding work for God’s kingdom, including work in such places as post-Cold War Moscow, Nigeria, The Gambia, Congo and China. We have recently increased our staff by adding a programme administrator, bringing our team to three part-time employees.

Our mission is to identify, nurture, develop, send, equip and support missional Christian academics for work, primarily in publicly funded universities around the world. We seek to inspire and influence students and university communities with the promise of Christian vocation and worldview for a deeper participation in God’s kingdom, including the flourishing of people and the planet, locally and globally.

Peter Schuurman, who is also a Society Regional Consultant, became executive director in 2018, with a background in campus ministry and religious studies. He envisions a more visible, more interdenominational and more active role for Global Scholars Canada in the years to come. Peter appreciates the Society of Christian Scholars for its potential to build a networked, empowered, transnational Christian academic community.


The International Network for Christian Higher Education (INCHE) is a global organization of colleges, universities and individuals with the shared goal of serving Jesus as Lord in Christian higher education worldwide. INCHE has members on six continents. Together, these administrative and faculty leaders foster the development of Christian education by sharing information, ideas and practices concerning their educational programmes and scholarship. Information about INCHE’s mission and members is available here.
INCHE started in 1975 when a group of African leaders in philosophy and higher education hosted an international conference. Subsequent meetings in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America expanded the range of participants to include those in numerous fields of study who contribute to Christian higher education. Over more than four decades, the network had several names. For many years it was called IAPCHE, the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education. In January 2019, the name INCHE was adopted to clarify and simplify the network’s public identity.

INCHE publishes a substantial online quarterly newsletter; offers conferences, seminars and professional learning circles for faculty leadership development; retains a modest bank of online resources to support its members; and connects global members with shared interests. After successful 2018 INCHE conferences in both New Zealand and South Africa, during 2019-2020 INCHE will host conferences in Bolivia, Hungary and the United States. Further information about INCHE conferences, at which both INCHE members and guests are welcome, is available here

Society Resources

Are you hosting a conference that needs publicising? Would you like to partner with the Society to plan a conference? Explore answers to these and other questions here.   

Webinar: Public Theology and
Global Governance 

Did you miss this webinar? If you are a full or associate member of the Society, you can access the recording here

Upcoming Events

Webinar: The Importance of Non-Physical Reality for Academic Disciplines
Thursday, 12 December 2019 at 1400 GMT

Academia is dominated by physicalist and naturalist paradigms offor knowing that emanate from the sciences into the humanities.

Is the immanent frame or physical world all there is to reality? On Thursday, 12 December 2019 at 1400 GMT, Dr. J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (USA), will discuss the importance of non-physical reality for academic disciplines. More specifically, he will address the metaphysical aspects of integrating faith and scholarship, the importance of doing so, and the implications non-physical reality has for various academic disciplines. Click the link below to register!

Reserve your spot here

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