Interested in hearing what scholars have to say about the relationship between our understanding of God and various fields of inquiry? Would you like to explore an area outside your expertise that may stimulate your imagination and lead to new ways of seeing the world, others, and even your discipline? Do you struggle with nurturing your faith given the demands of university life? Would you like more insight into developing courses that teach toward Christian ends or increased awareness and understanding of socio-cultural interactions? Maybe you would like to think more carefully about how to dialogue with colleagues who do not share our Christian convictions? Perhaps you might need tips on how to use the EBSCO databases, how to lead a small group Bible study or discussion group on faith in the academy, or maybe you are looking for creative ways to minister to students and colleagues?

Below you will find upcoming webinars on these and other topics, as well as archives of past webinars. Monitor the Addenda for when the next webinar will be.

*NB: Please note that the Society does its best to screen Third Party webinars in accordance with its mission and values but inevitably cannot affect the content or presentation of materials.

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