The True Nature of Freedom by David Koyzis – Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 1400 UTC/GMT

As evident in the contemporary protest movements in Hong Kong or Belarus, throughout history people have struggled for freedom. Inherent to these cries for freedom and resistance to oppression is, to some degree, an underlying suspicion of authority. What if, though, freedom is simply one more manifestation of authority?

On Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 1400 UTC/GMT, Dr David Koyzis, a Global Scholar with Global Scholars Canada who has a PhD in Governmental and International Studies from Notre Dame University (USA), will explore the nature of freedom and authority in light of the ‘image of God’ whereby authority is not to be identified with mere power nor played off against freedom, and is not a mere social construction, but rather is resident in an office givenĀ  by God himself at creation.

In preparation for the webinar, read the Introduction to Dr Koyzis’ book, We Answer to Another (Pickwick Publications, 2014).

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