Indoctrination, Liberal Education, and Evangelism in the University Classroom by Elmer Thiessen – Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 1400 UTC

Christian professors in pluralistic universities who are open about their Christian convictions in the classroom are likely to be charged with indoctrinating students. Indoctrination is typically understood as being the opposite of a liberal education, and thus an immoral form of teaching. How might Christian professors respond in such circumstances?

On Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 1400 UTC/GMTProf Elmer Thiessen, retired Professor of Philosophy at Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada, will contend, by drawing upon his own teaching experiences, that neutrality in the classroom is impossible. But there are professional and ethical constraints as to what can be done by way of evangelizing students in the classroom.  The purpose of this webinar, then, is to help Christian professors think about what they are doing in the classroom by way of educating students and influencing them in regard to the Christian faith.

In preparation for this webinar, read through the introduction and chapter 9, ‘Evangelism in Professional Life: The Academy’, of his book The Scandal of Evangelism: A Biblical Study of the Ethics of Evangelism (Cascade 2018) or this review of the book.

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