Belonging and Hybridity in God’s Multicultural Kingdom by Harvey Kwiyani – Thursday, 17 June 2021 at 1400 UTC

An ancient Malawian proverb says, ‘A stranger comes with a sharp penknife’, and this knife is used, at least in a Malawian sense, to help disentangle a community from problems that their own knives could not resolve. In short, the stranger comes with fresh eyes to see things that those on the inside of the community cannot see.

On Thursday, 17 June 2021 at 1400 UTC, Dr. Kwiyani will discuss this idea in the context of theological cross-pollination, or what it means for ‘strangers’ in world Christianity to engage with one another in the knowledge that each one has a gift, usually hidden, that can meet them at their point of need. Towards the end of his presentation, Dr. Kwiyani will seek to extend the knife analogy, in conversation with the audience, and probe the implications for interdisciplinarity in God’s multicultural kingdom.

Dr. Harvey Kwiyani serves as Lecturer in African Christianity and Theology at Liverpool Hope University in the UK. The central idea of his presentation can be explored in greater detail in his book Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church (SCM Press, 2020).


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