3rd Party Webinar: Finding Hope in Trying Times – Friday, 29 January 2021 at 1600 GMT/UTC

On Friday, 29 January 2021 at 1600 GMT/UTC, the Graduate and Faculty Ministry of InterVarsity-USA will host a two-part webinar.

Part I: Finding Hope during a pandemic. This will be an opportunity to connect our present experiences with Covid-19, how we can have hope in this extraordinary period living through a pandemic. We will listen to a presentation by Dr. Gordon Smith, a gifted academic and theologian who is well versed in the Scriptures and the spiritual implications of life.  He is currently President and professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology at Ambrose University in Canada.  This 37 minute lecture on Hope in a time of COVID is followed by a Q/A session before Part II.

(After a 10 minute break)

Part II: Hope When Living Through War and Imprisonment as a Missionary in a Foreign Country.  This 40 minute presentation will focus on the experience of a survivor as he and his wife describe what life was like in a Chinese internment camp during World War II. A time for Q/A will follow. (Note: This camp is where Eric Liddell [Chariots of Fire] was also imprisoned with nearly 2,000 others. Eric became the surrogate father of our guest presenter, now 92 but then only a teenager.) Join us to hear about this extraordinary example of faith under trying times.

To receive a link to participate in this webinar please send an email request to Howard Van Cleave before January 29 – Howard.van-cleave@intervarsity.org. The link will be the same for both parts.

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