3rd Party Webinar: Big Data, Justice, and Ethical Policy Making – Thursday, 5 March 2020 at 1300 GMT/UTC

In a world of ‘Big Data’ that feeds increasingly capable Artificial Intelligence, society around us is being revolutionized both digitally and in its human relationships.

This 3rd Party webinar, Thursday, 5 March 2020 at 1300 GMT, will provide a fascinating and practical overview of what is already in place, opening participant’s eyes to a massive hidden world that surrounds them. There will be theological reflection on how Christians can understand and make wise choices amidst this rapidly growing change, but also prepare themselves for the risks and challenges ahead.

The webinar  is hosted by Bakke Graduate University. Patricia Shaw, CEO/Founder of Beyond Reach Consulting, will make a presentation about how corporations, governments, and other entities use the data collected from our phones and internet use, offering examples of how Christian leaders in government and marketing are attempting to create ethical policies.

Ms. Shaw works throughout the world as a leading technology ethics consultant for governments and businesses. She is known for being able to explain highly technological issues with clarity for policy leaders as well as avoid common extremes of over-reaction or apathy that is sometimes associated with the Christian response to this topic.

Recorded webinar coming soon!

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