Addenda Volume 1.2 (October 2018)

Thirty Francophone African International Fellowship of Evangelical Student (IFES) Scholars from 8 francophone countries (Guinea, Mali, Cameroon, Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Ivory Coast) partnering with a couple of developers of the Society of Christian Scholars met in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, September 14–16 in order to plan a Francophone African conference on the integration of faith and scholarship in 2020. Here, Genevieve GUEI emphasizes an important point!

Recent Society Endorsement
“I am excited about the Society of Christian Scholars. Such a global organisation has been needed for a long time. It will provide an important meeting point for academics working in secular universities who desire to integrate their academic life and Christian life. Furthermore, the global nature of the society will allow us to share resources and learn from each other. I particularly appreciate the dispersed governance structure and the aim of the society to be representative of global Christianity and not dominated by Western voices. I will be strongly urging my Christian academic colleagues around the world to join and play an active part in the Society.”

 Daniel Bourdanné, PhD
 General Secretary, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, 
 Oxford, UK

Society of Christian Scholars: 
Free Extra Month of Membership

All those who pre-register for the Society before January 31, 2019, will receive access to the Society of Christian Scholars Member Website and all Society services on February 1, 2019––a month prior to launch––as a beta-tester. Not only will you receive one extra month for your annual membership fee, but you will also help identify any last issues to be resolved before the launch of the Society of Christian Scholars on March 1, 2019.

Society Discount 
The Society of Christian Scholars has partnerships with many Christian mission organizations and ministries. If you are associated with one of our partners (such as in a bible study the organization sponsors), you qualify for a 20% membership discount. Be sure to get their member code to use when you register at the Society’s launch. If you are associated with someone who is not a partner, please have a representative of the organization contact us a

Many of you likely pre-registered for the Society of Christian Scholars before we decided to permit student memberships. Students, though not being able to actively contribute to Society resources and discussions, will have limited access to several, pertinent resources. To learn more and to help spread the word, re-visit

We are happy to announce that the Society will provide at least the follow five EBSCO databases for all Full, Associate, and Student Members!

STM Sources
Engineering Sources
Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection 
Religion and Philosophy Collection

The Society: A Deeper Look and a Vocational Challenge
The purpose of the Society of Christian Scholars is to equip  missional, Christian academics to have a redemptive influence for Christ among their students, colleagues, institutions, and academic disciplines.
What do we mean by “missional”? To be missional with respect to academia is to understand and perform our academic work as Kingdom work, as participating in God’s drama of redemption. It is to understand that we have a calling, or “vocation” (vocatio in Latin), that our task to accomplish, work to do, or part to play has been given by Christ according to his purposes. It is an understanding that our life is characterized by the “Missio Dei”—that all of life is part of God’s mission. It is an understanding that all of our gifts (natural and spiritual) and opportunities (including obtaining an advanced degree and a university post) are stewarded well in his service as part of the community of faith––the Church. It eschews the “sacred-secular” dichotomy by seeing God’s call, hand, and redemptive work in not only evangelism and discipleship but also in research, teaching, committee work, and administrative positions. In all these ways, we can bring God’s understanding of the true, good, and beautiful to full bloom in a university context.

Addenda Volume 1.2 (October 2018)

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