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Full and Associate Members*: A Full or Associate Member is a current or retired academic staff (including part-time staff) of a tertiary institution (including think tanks, researchers in private industry, etc.). The institution where he or she serves cannot require students to sign a statement of faith. Graduate students also serving in teaching or research positions may join as Associate or Full Members.

Student Members: A Student Member is anyone pursuing an academic degree but not yet in an academic post.

Friends of the Society: A Friend of the Society is anyone supporting or encouraging missional Christian scholars (pastors, campus ministers, etc.)

*Scholarships are available for those applying for Full or Associate memberships.

The Society of Christian Scholars is designed for those in tertiary institutions (“higher education” in some nations) that enroll both Christians and non-Christians (open-enrollment) because conversations occurring among Christian scholars in open-enrollment institutions differ from those serving in faith-based institutions. For instance, in faith-based institutions, truths of the Christian worldview are assumed and form the basis for research and conversation. In contrast, the vast majority of open-enrollment institutions embrace a plurality of worldviews, resulting in different conversations and research projects. It is in this pluralistic context that the Society of Christian Scholars is called to promote the Christian worldview.

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