How to Survive as a Non-Native English Writer in an English-Writing World by Kumiko Takeuchi – Thursday, 15 April 2021 at 1400 GMT/UTC

The English language today is the lingua franca of the academic world. Non-native English-speakers who  publish in the English-language are often promoted with greater frequency and have increased influence as a result. Non-native speakers, nevertheless, face unique challenges in their efforts to write and publish in English.

On Thursday, 15 April 2021 at 1400 GMT/UTC, Dr. Kumiko “Jean” Takeuchi, Japanese native, will share her experiences and practical tips for writing and publishing as a non-native English writer. She has earned PhD degrees in two very different fields in two different English-speaking countries: chemistry in the USA and theology and religion in the UK. Jean will focus in detail on areas of English communication, specifically writing for publication, where non-native speakers often struggle, from common grammar errors to the temptation to plagiarize from native speakers’ publications.

The webinar will be aimed at non-native speakers but will be beneficial to native speakers as well, especially those who assist colleagues for whom English is a second language. Hope you will join us by registering below for this exciting and ever-practical webinar.

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