3rd Party Webinar: Faith and Work in the life of a Chemist: Prof Jonathan Reid – Wednesday, 10 March 2021 at 1800 GMT/UTC

This 3rd Party Webinar is hosted by the Christian Academic Network in the UK. It is the first in a series of online ‘Share and Develop’ events designed to connect academics informally so that they can share their stories to encourage and inspire continued the development of faith and learning. They are experimenting with different formats. This event will be an interview-style event followed by questions and informal discussion from participants.

On Wednesday, 10 March 2021 at 1800 GMT/UTC, Physical Chemist, Prof Jonathan Reid of the University of Bristol will be interviewed about his recent research carried out on respiratory particles exhaled when singing, which received widespread news coverage in August 2020 as well as how he has brought together his work and his faith.

So, join the conversation by registering below with the Christian Academic Network on Wednesday, 10 March:

1800 – Open in prayer and interview with Prof Jonathan Reid

1825 – Questions from the audience (submitted via chat and managed by a moderator)

1840 – Formal closing of the event but time available afterwards for any further informal questions and networking.

Here is an abbreviated version of the interview: https://christianacademicnetwork.net/website/2021/04/18/recent-research-carried-out-on-respiratory-particles-exhaled-when-singing/

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